Kachina  Heat  Transfer  Inc.

  • The tank surface area is prepped and cleaned to ensure a flat and clean surface area.
  • The bores are then machined so that the old pitted and damaged bore hole is machined down to clean steel and all the damage and corrosion is removed.
  • The new machined surface is then inspected and cleaned to ensure proper specs for the new brass liner.
  • The brass liner is then pressed into the new machined bore and a special bonding agent is used to ensure a permanent tight bond between the brass liner and tank.
  • After all the bores are reconditioned the tank is then tested by plugging each bore and pressure testing the tank for leaks.
  • Once the tank is machined, brass liners inserted and the tank is pressure tested it is good for another lifetime of service.

Caterpillar Radiator Tank Rebuilding


We offer a service that is both a cost effective and permanent solution to Caterpillar radiator tanks that are often deemed not repairable. Often times a Caterpillar radiator tank will have rust and corrosion in the area where the seal is inserted and while wire wheeling the corrosion or using a sanding tool will remove the rust and corrosion the bore becomes out of round and sometimes there is still pitting in the bore. A brass insert is inserted and brings the tank bore back to the original specs and provides a tight sealing surface with a lifetime of service. We offer an more economical and permanent solution to this problem over purchasing a new tank. There is a five step process that is used to rebuild the tank.