The DPF filter is placed into a blast cabinet where an air knife forces high pressure air into each cell of the DPF, while suction is applied at the bottom of the DPF. A bottom mounted camera allows the operator to see the amount of soot being removed from each cell individually and how clean each cell is. 


The DPF filter is then placed into a programmed kiln to slowly heat up to operating temperature of over 600 degrees and then baked for twelve hours then slowly cooled down.


The DPF filter is once again placed into the blast cabinet and the air knife is used once more to remove any remaining soot while the operator is ensuring each cell is clean on the DPF while monitoring the camera feed as well as any blow back from a blocked cell.


​The DPF filter is placed on the flow meter to ensure the DPF filter meets the OEM bench mark standards given by the manufacturer. The DPF filter is weighed once more and a after cleaning weight is recorded to document the amount of soot removed. 

The DPF is then prepped and placed into a industrial plastic bag, zip tied and all final readings are recorded for the client.

Three Stage Cleaning Process


Initial Inspection & Diagnostic Testing

Initial Inspection:  A thin rod is gently inserted into the DPF to check for soot depth and cracks in the DPF core in predetermined sections and recorded.

Weight Recording:  We then weigh the DPF filter to record pre-cleaning and post-cleaning to record how much soot has been removed.

Flow & Crack Inspection: Our state of the art Flow Meter is designed to measure flow before and after cleaning a DPF from any system. The Flow Meter can also distinguish a bad DPF using a halogen light being turned on and by looking down the DPF we can tell if the DPF is Exothermed, Cracked, or damaged, allowing contaminants to flow through the Diesel Particulate Filter.

Kachina  Heat  Transfer  Inc.

At Kachina Heat Transfer Inc. we bring dealership quality DPF & DOC cleaning to our customers utilizing the newest in DPF and DOC cleaning equipment. We use a three stage cleaning process to ensure that all of the DPF filters are cleaned to the highest degree. Our air knife technology that is used for cleaning your DPF is one of the industries most recognized best ways to ensure that a diesel particulate filter is properly cleaned. Our three stage process ensures that your DPF filter is not just getting a "puff of compressed air" like other companies use to clean them but that each cell is cleaned and is visually inspected while cleaning the DPF to ensure that you are getting a properly cleaned filter.