Kachina  Heat  Transfer  Inc.

  • The coolers are pre-cleaned both internally and externally to ensure any loose oil or contamination is removed before further service is performed.
  • The coolers are then placed into a industrial degreasing agent which breaks down any oil and grease that was not removed during the pre-clean process. The coolers are left in the degreaser for a period of 24 hours before removal.
  • The coolers are then pressure washed with high temperature water and another degreasing agent to ensure proper cleanliness.
  • The coolers are then pressure tested to proper psi ratings and checked for any leaks.
  • After the coolers have been pressure tested and found to be leak free the coolers are then prepped and tagged for delivery.

Kachina Heat Transfer, Inc. are your go to guys when it comes to servicing your coolers. With having performed service on thousands of oil coolers over the past 13 years we are the industries leader in both cleaning and servicing your coolers. No matter if it is a tube and bundle cooler or a large panel oil cooler Kachina Heat Transfer, Inc. has the experience and know how to service your cooler. We have a five step process that we use to ensure that the coolers are both cleaned properly and tested and inspected to the highest standards.

tube & bundle oil coolers